A New Chapter for Vega

Jul 22 We're excited to announce that Vega was acquired in February and we are now building an incredible new company called geniant.

geniant will help shape the future of experiences across physical spaces, between people, and through technology. Bringing together world-class craftspeople — from UX, architecture, interior design and more — to help brands optimize their entire experience.

There are many critical challenges facing businesses today. In this age of hybrid and distributed workforces, organizations are trying to deliver a next-generation employee experience for their teams and looking to ensure omnichannel brand consistency for their customers. geniant believes this begins with gaining a deeper understanding of the 'real' people involved and that experience research coupled with data analytics can provide the insights needed to correctly frame what needs to be designed for an optimal experience.

Experiences shape the world; they happen in physical spaces, between people, and through technology
-David Lancashire, Chairman & Co-CEO

Today, geniant is leading a movement to evolve the experience design profession, integrating expertise from architecture, interior design, user experience, service design, team and change management, and software development. geniant helps innovative leaders shape the future of their customer and employee experiences. For more information, visit geniant.com and watch our video on transforming your workplace into a “Performative Office” at www.geniant.com/flow.

written by

Josiah Platt

Josiah is a principal at Vega, specializing in product strategy, user experience and design systems. His addiction to coffee is an actual medical emergency.

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