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We worked with Brainspace to reimagine how digital investigations were conducted and set a new standard for the legal industry.


Attorneys and digital forensic investigators face a seemingly insurmountable problem—millions of documents and a looming deadline. Brainspace set out to give small teams the power to connect the dots, find the needles in haystacks, and draw confident conclusions when faced with massive (and ever-growing) unstructured data sets.


Designing interactive visualizations that are simple, elegant and intelligent, Vega took a very complex problem—how to analyze and visualize millions of documents—and synthesized the process into an intuitive, interconnected experience. The result is a powerful suite of tools that helps ten people operate with the force of a thousand.

Design System Peek


Accelerating Human Expertise with AI

Brainspace makes breakthrough machine-learning software that automatically analyzes massive amounts of unstructured data, recognizing not just words and phrases, but also their context and meaning—which enables the platform to make meaningful connections. It dramatically accelerates review and allows analysts to understand large volumes of data faster than ever before. What would historically require an entire team months or years of manual review, Brainspace can accomplish in days or weeks.

Vega partnered with Brainspace to surface this incredible technical power in an elegant and intuitive user experience. The result is a product that empowers people to search broader and faster, transforming unstructured data into fact-based insights, making sure that all relevant data can be seen, explored and rendered actionable. Pairing this powerful core technology with best-in-class design gives subject matter experts superhuman capabilities.

Rethinking Search

Searching by Concept

One of the most powerful and unique features of Brainspace is Concept Search. While most users are accustomed to doing specific keyword searches, Brainspace allows users to search with words, phrases or even entire documents to find conceptually similar content. This presented a unique challenge — not only in simplifying a complex interaction, but effectively communicating the power of this capability without overwhelming the user. We enjoyed solving for this challenging interaction, displaying a list expanded concepts with a visual representation their relevance using adjustable sliders which refine results in real time.

Brainspace Communications Analysis Menu

Scalability in UX & Performance

Understanding Email Communication at Scale

Brainspace offers state-of-the-art communication analysis, but like all other aspects of large, unstructured data sets, they faced challenges with both usability and performance. Previous versions of Brainspace's communication analysis often confused users, partly because the visualization was limited to 100 nodes and performed poorly. By rethinking the design and building an all-new visualization in WebGL, Vega improved performance by over 100x. Communication Analysis is now one of Brainspace's most valuable and most-used features in digital investigations.

Communication Analysis
Brainspace Communication Analysis

Always Improving

Continued Evolution of Communication Analysis

We are continuing to work with Brainspace to evolve and improve how to visualize and interact with these large communication data sets. Exciting and challenging opportunities lie ahead as Brainspace moves beyond documents and email to social media, scholarly publications and citations, and enterprise chat analysis.

From a UX point of view, they’re the best I’ve ever worked with in my 30-year career. I’m impressed with their understanding of workflows and how users want to interact with the product.

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