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Ziosk partnered with Vega to redesign the customer experience for their proprietary tabletop devices.


Ziosk gained a foothold in some of the largest restaurant chains by developing and supporting singular, custom solutions for each brand. Turning their attention to a broader market, Ziosk needed a repeatable, scalable framework for its digital menus, as well as an intuitive administrative interface for restaurants to self-manage the experience on their Ziosk devices.


With an emphasis on customization, consistency and usability, Vega created a new design system to enable the expansion of Ziosk’s offering to a wider variety of restaurant categories. In addition, Vega designed an all-new experience management portal, giving restaurants the ability to manage their own experiences, menus and promotions for the first time.


Grounded in Research

Vega worked closely with Ziosk, conducting in-depth research to learn about the success and friction of customers, as well as to gain an understanding of Ziosk’s challenges across their sales, development and support teams.

Our biggest takeaway: Ziosk was doing too much custom work and customers needed more control. We set out to create a design system to provide customers with a clear structure and easy-to-follow guidelines, while still allowing flexibility, creativity, and brand consistency. We also scoped an administration platform to give restaurants the power to update and manage their own experiences. Previously, these processes were unique for each restaurant and managed entirely by Ziosk.

Ziosk UI Explode

Flex UX

Building an Extensible Design System

Vega created Flex UX — a design framework which allows restaurant brands to create customizable, intuitive, and engaging user experiences. With the flexibility to customize the design, features and functionality of the Ziosk tablet, restaurants can craft the optimal, brand-right UX for their guests with minimal asset requirements.

Flex UX facilitates highly efficient and affordable creation of custom experiences, putting creative control in the hands of the customer. This allows Ziosk to operate as an advisor on best practices, focused on selling the platform, not on custom development services.

Ziosk Experience Manager

Complete Control for Restaurants

Vega designed an extensive management portal, providing restaurants the ability to create and maintain their own menus, device experiences and location-specific deployments.

Previously maintained and updated by Ziosk, the new Ziosk Experience Manager gives restaurants full control over menu items, structure, and on-device experiences, including idle states and promotions.

Ziosk Experience Manager

Power to the People

Self-Service + Restaurant Insights

In addition to the ability to create and maintain their own menu experiences, the new Ziosk Experience Manager provides comprehensive reporting dashboards, giving restaurant operators unprecedented insights into their restaurant and wait staff performance.

Ziosk by the numbers

We needed to reinvent our entire software strategy and UX, and Vega was the perfect partner to help us accomplish this. The redesign has transformed sales and marketing and we are already seeing record-setting growth.

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