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eSentire engaged Vega to reimagine their sales toolkit. We designed and developed a next-generation sales enablement portal.


It's time to evolve beyond PowerPoint. With a wide, complex variety of products and services, eSentire needed to equip their sales reps to quickly adapt to varying prospect needs and relevant use cases.


Vega designed and developed a web-based sales enablement platform that allows sales reps to tailor product pitches to prospects on the fly, based on role, industry vertical, and attack vector.

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Choose your own adventure

eSentire is the global leader in Managed Detection and Response (MDR). They keep organizations safe from constantly evolving cyber attacks that technology alone cannot prevent. In the face of this ever-changing threat landscape, their products and services are highly adaptable and are often sold in unique combinations to serve needs specific to a customer’s industry and network configuration.

You know what isn’t highly adaptable and rapidly changing? PowerPoint sales decks and SharePoint asset repositories. Given the need for sales reps to tailor the narrative and solution to prospects’ unique circumstances, eSentire engaged Vega to craft a platform that made it simple to “choose your own adventure” in the field.

Some icons we designed for eSentire

Less is more

Simple, visual storytelling

eSentire’s sales pitch wasn’t an easy one to deliver, because it is rarely the same. Pitching in the field was disjointed—requiring a rep to bounce from spreadsheets to PDFs to PowerPoint—and frequently included information not relevant to the prospect's pain points. Vega introduced a new, cohesive design language and interactive narrative, allowing simple, effective, and highly targeted storytelling.

eSentire disrupting malicious IPs
eSentire iPad Screenshot


For screens of all shapes and sizes

Adaptability and accessibility reigns supreme for a sales force on-the-go. The eSentire platform was designed to adapt gracefully to all kinds of screens, big and small. We optimized the UI for touch to enable their primary use case of delivering sales pitches from an iPad Pro.

The Result

A truly modern sales force

The end result is a platform ideal for a modern salesforce and a complex sale. It enables reps to adapt, on the fly, to prospects’ unique needs, including easy access to customer-specific use cases. Interactive use cases and animated visualizations are significantly more engaging than slides. And—most importantly for a sales process as sophisticated as eSentire’s—the entirety of their sales enablement is now web-based and centralized, meaning all updates and new content are instantly distributed to the sales force. Gone are the headaches of maintaining, updating and distributing PowerPoint decks and managing static files in a Sharepoint repository.

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